IRAQ LINE is a duly registered shareholding company in Baghdad, Iraq that provides a multitude of services in various types of industries such as trading, contracting business, and real estate, recreation and leisure, as well as transportation business: vehicle rental and transport services. We intend to strengthen our business in ONG sector as licensed distributor and reseller of refined oil products as well as its by-products.


Our qualified staff, client-focused approach, well-trained work force and multidisciplinary support base make our Oil & Gas competence distinctive. One of our top business plans is to build and create sustainable Oil Production and Processing Plan for the regions in Iraq to help alleviate the need for consumable fuel energy.


We also aim to contribute in creating more job opportunities for the society, IRAQ LINE provides specialized engineering and construction services, from concept and feasibility studies to detailed design and construction supervision. We establish and meet quality assurance measures tailored to answer the concerns of Oil & Gas while meeting clients’ requirements.

WITH IRAQLINE we are in a constant look out for new opportunities and areas for growth through innovative business development, sound planning, strategies and a solid team of professionals who are geared to delivering the best results for our projects and investments.


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