IRAQLINE is one of region's importers,, distributors and suppliers of Construction and Industrial Supplies including  electricals and lighting equipment. Our array of products range from light fixtures to cables, CFLs to LEDs, switches, sockets, earthing equipment and the entire range of electrical accessories, thus dealing in all products encompassing the electricals and lighting sphere. We also provide construction materials suchs as tiles, all kinds of wood and glass frames, PVCs,  for your homes and offices. We also offer for Oil and Gas supplies from global manufacturers stored locally in Iraq and readily available for purchase and delivery.


With considerable market knowledge and expertise in the supply of electricals, the firm ensures quality imports from Japan, Malaysia, Holland, Turkey, France, Poland, India and China. With its aim to be a comprehensive one stop shop for all kinds of electrical needs, IRAQLINE operates its head operations from Baghdad and Basra. We also have strong supplier connections in UAE  and Turkey.  in order to cater to both the local as well as export needs of our clientele.


"Quality goods and timely service to our clients" being the objective that governs the company, the team at IRAQLINE aims to understand the requirements of the clients thoroughly in order to optimally serve and supply to them. Our clientele include a large number of contractors, distributors, wholesalers, re-sellers located within and outside of the United Arab Emirates with whom our teams work very closely in order to obtain feedback on products and services for further enhancement and improvement.


Customization to client needs – sole trading arm, complement an existing desk or provide back-up capabilities.


Improves information flow and execution quality by leveraging the scale created by multiple funds.


We deliver quality goods through excellent service thereby allowing client the valued time delivery and customer satisfaction.