Transportation Solutions Custom-Fit for Your Business


Transportation solutions do more than move freight at the lowest cost. To stay competitive in today’s marketplace, you require a solution tailored to your business.


With cost, service, and punctuality always at the forefront, Penske identifies the optimal blend of transportation services to meet your needs. Our transportation solutions provide visibility and control over your network, map the most efficient routes to move product, and help you negotiate effectively with carriers.


Our transportation management services help:


Promote efficiency across all transportation modes

Get more from your transportation partners

Gain control of complex operations

Flexible Solutions and Service from Penske

With Penske, you can outsource to a dedicated team, track third-party shipments through your network, move freight via a third-party carrier – or use a hybrid solution to get the lowest cost, highest service combination.


Efficient Shipping Improves Your Bottom Line

On-time delivery is critical in our business – and yours. To meet your on-time requirements consistently, we identify the best freight modes, consolidate shipments, manage carriers, and optimize air, sea and ground routes. At Penske, we optimize transportation and reduce waste providing the following benefits to your operation:


Reduced costs

Improved labor productivity

Better asset utilization

Superior customer service



Transportation Services

We supply a wide variety of transportation services. We can fulfill the needs of a homeowner needing a skidsteer moved for a weekend project all the way to supplying all the equipment to mobilize a drilling rig. A brief summary of the equipment that we run on a day to day basis includes:



arrowOil Field Equipment

  • Heavy Spec Tri Axle Winch Tractor(s)
  • Low Profile 4 Axle Roll Tail(s)
  • Twin Steer Gin Pole Truck(s)
  • Twin Steer Bed Truck(s)
  • Heavy Spec Tandem Axle Winch Tractor(s)
  • Low Profile 3 Axle Roll Tail(s)
  • Single Steer Bed Truck(s)
  • Single Steer Gin Pole Truck(s)
  • Hot Shot Services



  • Heavy Haul Tri Axle Tractor(s)
  • Light Duty Local Delivery Tandem Axle Tractor(s)
  • Heavy Spec Tandem Axle Tractor(s)
  • Light Duty Over The Road Tandem Axle Tractor(s)



  • 55 Ton Heavy Haul Detach Lowboy(s)
  • 50 Ton Detach Lowboy(s)
  • 45 Ton Detach Lowboy(s)
  • 35 Ton Detach Lowboy(s)
  • Stepdeck(s)
  • Flatbed(s)